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Employing various liquids as metaphors, Fluid Mind aptly depicts how the psychological defense mechanism safeguards highly sensitive individuals from stressors in their lives.

Instructor: Dr.Shea Chang

Will be expanded on the following 8 themes:

  • Isolation

  • Distraction

  • Subservience

  • Avoiding conflict

  • Overthinking

  • Highly empathy

  • Intimacy

  • Procrastination


Isolate oneself from the world and enjoy one's own peaceful surroundings.

11" x 17" 2023


Playful boots splashing in a puddle, distracting from work-related stress. Represents the power of simple joys in overcoming distractions and stress in daily life.

11" x 17" 2022


A person constantly listens to others' orders, represented by water changing colors based on commands. Symbolizes the loss of individuality and subservience to external influences.

Peilin_excessive obedience(Am I the water).gif
11" x 17" 2022


Avoiding conflict is akin to light refracted in water - even if someone becomes aggressive towards it, it will steer the conversation elsewhere.

11" x 8.5" 2023


"Overthinking" is a poignant illustration that captures the overwhelming nature of our inner thoughts. The piece features a person lying on a bed, with streams of fluid or water pouring out of their head, illuminating their surroundings. The fluid represents the individual's thoughts, which seem to be consuming them entirely, resulting in a sense of disorder and chaos. The illustration serves as a powerful visual representation of the negative impact that overthinking can have on a person's mental state.

11" x 8.5" 2023


"Highly Empathy" is a captivating illustration that blurs the line between reality and imagination. The piece features a girl holding a glass of red wine, with the bottom of the glass attached to her eyes and the mouth of the glass facing the audience. The wine in the glass is overflowing, on the verge of spilling over and being wasted. This creates an illusion that the wine might be her tears or that her empathy is overflowing. The piece invites the viewer to consider the depth of their own emotions and their capacity for empathy. The illustration is a powerful commentary on the emotional labor involved in caring for others and the potential emotional toll it can take on an individual.

11" x 8.5" 2022


"Intimacy" uses water and oil as a metaphor to depict the complexities of intimate relationships. The piece features two human-shaped figures made of water and oil, appearing as if they are hugging, but in reality, they are pushing apart. This imagery represents the difficulty in achieving intimacy, despite the desire to be close to someone. The illustration showcases the complexity of human emotions and relationships, highlighting how sometimes our desires and needs can conflict with our fears and insecurities. It serves as a reminder that true intimacy requires effort, understanding, and a willingness to overcome challenges. Overall, "Intimacy" is a poignant piece that captures the struggle and beauty of human connection.

11" x 17" 2023


The piece features a girl sitting on her chair, engrossed in playing video games while a thunderstorm rages outside. The water is seeping into her room, and the water level is gradually rising. Despite the imminent danger, she remains focused on her game, ignoring the rising water levels. The illustration highlights the potential consequences of procrastination, emphasizing how it can prevent us from taking care of our obligations and lead to dangerous situations. The piece serves as a reminder that it is important to be mindful of our actions and responsibilities and not to let distractions get in the way of what is important.

11" x 8.5" 2023
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