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Painted Skin

• Long long ago, A scholar met a beautiful lady in the deep woods, the lady told him that
she was escaping from a toxic family. The scholar decided to took her home and live
together with her.
• One day, the scholar meet a taoist priest that told him “your forehead is blackened”
which means something bad was happening around him, “be aware of changes in your
house”. Scholar was suspicious and peeked into the woman’s room at night, which he
found out that there’s a ugly monster that is painting her “human” face (the face of
the beautiful lady.)
• Scholar asked priest for shelter to protect him, priest offered him a Fu (Talisman paper),
but the monster still ends up killing him.
• Scholar’s wife find out his death, and beg priest to kill the monster and save him. Priest
kill the monster with Taomu sword(Made from wood, which can scared the monster
away), and told her the way to resurrect the scholar.
• Scholar’s wife found the crazy old monk and beg him to save her husband. The monk
told her to swallow his phlegm, and pass it to scholar.
• The scholar was reborn.


• Scholar

• Scholar’s wife

• Monster (lady)

• Taoist priest

• Crazy old monk

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