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Don't Look Away (process)

This is a 3D Horror Game project, which was a collaboration between OCAD University and U of T. (A collaboration between Art students and Programming students)


Your character is a tomb raider that dug up the wrong mummy’s tomb and sold it to a museum for a quick profit. Time passes and you realize that people have been dying at the museum that you sold the stolen goods to. It turns out that the mummy is cursed to the items you stole and will occupy areas where the items are located as a ghost. It is very angry that the items and its tomb have been displaced. It is up to you to right your wrong and return all the items to their rightful owner.


You will be sneaking into the museum at night in order to collect items to attempt to return it to the final exhibit where the mummy’s tomb is being displayed (where its body is located). The items that the mummy has been cursed to are currently scattered throughout the museum's various rooms and exhibits due to display and research being done. You will go from area to area trying to find every item associated with that specific area to rid that area of the mummy’s ghost. Once you have collected all the items in an area, the movement condition will flip so you must exit the area before you die by the ghost’s hands. Once all the items have been gathered, you have to bring them to the final room and a decision will be made. Do you free the cursed spirit or have it pay for the lives it has taken?


End Goal of the game: Bring back the items to the ghost’s body so the ghost stops killing people.

Storyboard (rough)
Character designs
Trailer rough Ver.
Props Design
(objects that require players to collect in the game)
Objects 3D model
Environmental decoration models
- bookshelf & books
- frames
- glass display cases
- display stands

- cash register
- front desk
- wall shelfs
- statues
- masks
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